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This site requires few rules, but CAN and WILL be made to go through a rigorous approval process if they are continuously breached or otherwise circumvented. (TL;DR = Be sensible and follow the rules, it's less of a headache for you AND everyone else.)

This Wiki is OOC (Out-of-character)

All content of this wiki is meant to be a collaborative database for players and staff, and is NOT to be used for in-character benefits. Do not use any information ICly if your character(s) would not realistically be aware of it.

This wiki follows Sim Rules

Everything in this wiki must fall in line with any and all in-sim rules and regulations. Just because you post it in here does not mean that it is legal in-sim.

Keep it PG-13

This is not an adult sim, nor is this wiki sexually explicit. If your character or characters' backgrounds include rape or extreme violence, ALLUDE to it, and don't make it graphic.

Your content WILL be edited

While your content is yours, there may be times where another person will modify the content of your character page in order to elaborate on how their character relates to yours, even if it's something as small as a 'friends and enemies' list.

Vandalism is Prohibited

While you may have the ability to modify publicly-available pages, you are NOT allowed to alter those pages in such a way that will become a jumbled mess or create pages that have little relevance/sexually or violently graphic. The first offense will result in a 24-hour ban. The second offense will result in a week's ban and a verbal warning from one of the staff. The third offense will result in a permanent ban from the site, which includes this wiki and the boards. You may message any of the staff later to appeal the ban, but your edits will be closely monitored by the system. Minor edits and making suggestions on the talk pages are one thing, trolling is something else entirely. Be respectful.

If you have issues or believe the rules have been violated in any manner, please message any of the staff.