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"Pardon the dust."

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The startouched, also called daevas, are a special type of people that have existed since Thea's known history. They follow 12 spiritual entities that make up the elemental forces and aspects of the world. No one knows exactly how an individual becomes a Startouched, and views on the Startouched greatly vary. Some speculate that people born under certain signs may have a physical attribute within them such as an innate affinity with a specific element of magic, some people view the Startouched as a blessing of divinity that can bring good fortune. Others view them as greedy demons that have so much lust for power that they take a fragment of the divine with them, possibly causing a collapse within the Zodiac circle. There are even those who believe that the Startouched are the ones who caused the disaster that eradicated Telos. However, much of this is merely speculation and doesn't align properly with surviving records of the incident.