Shattered Plains

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This location is currently unavailable in-world, and may or may not become available in the future.


Located outside the walls of Arcadia, the Shattered Plains serves as a gathering place for warriors and civilians alike to host small gatherings and sporty duels. The Shattered Plains were once a trademark symbol of the natural beauty Telos once held throughout the entire continent before it was ravaged by devastation, but life has begun to return to this and the continent at large in the past century.

Central Plains

The central plains surrounding Arcadia are mostly barren, though there are spots of a new type of plant life that has been dubbed as "Sandbrush", having adapted to the harsher environment. The wildlife that has returned has also adapted to the environment, though creatures in the immediate vicinity surrounding Arcadia remain mostly docile until actively threatened, making it easier for new adventurers to get used to hunting.

Western Plains

The western plains have more plant life associated with it, though the local flora is more aggressive in terms of self-preservation. Sentient plantforms now roam this area scavenging for themselves, and even within the immediate vicinity one must tread carefully.