Sargasso Bay

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"Pardon the dust."

The page Sargasso Bay is an ongoing work-in-progress; please refrain from trying to edit this page arbitrarily while management sorts out the finer details or if you have confirmed information.


"Looks like we're taking the long way around."

This location is currently unavailable in-world, and may or may not become available in the future.


Sargasso Bay is a large, residential and commerce community within the Allied Nations. Everyone is able to live comfortably due to enjoying a less restrictive, yet more focused market compared to most. Sargasso is considered the primary port city for the Allied Nations, where all manner of goods and people make their way through the busy streets on a daily basis. Due to the amount of people in an out on a daily basis, Sargasso is no stranger to wealthy merchants, nor drunken brawlers. However, the citizens and civilians overall are well-secured thanks to a local detachment from The Watch to keep things in order.