Remschied Empire

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The Remschied Empire is an empire like no other. Unlike most incarnations of empires, Remschied takes care to look after its own people. Lead by the Church of St. Eva, the empire uses faith and religion to encourage people to instill good deeds in their daily lives and to help each other out in time of need. People that are in dire need of assistance are looked after by the church. Despite the fact that the church runs everything, life within the empire is fulfilling and pleasant. Though technologically lacking when compared to the industrial strength of the Allied Nations, Remschied employs steam-based machinery to provide electricity to many areas, while lesser areas are content to rely on candlelight and other natural resources such as wind and water. Due to its sheer expansiveness, the city could almost be considered a country unto itself as opposed to the typical geographical classifications of other areas, regions, and continents of Thea.


The empire is led by a king and has not had a queen in quite some time. The king leads the empire and unites the people in times of need. Backed by the army and the church, the king is a powerful figurehead who makes sure that the people within the empire flourish and grow into productive citizens. Some people have muttered behind closed doors that the king is not the true ruler of the empire and that another person pulls the strings behind the curtains. Despite the rumor, nearly every king that has been elected has ruled with a benevolent force. Will there be a time where a king and queen will rule together? Will there be a queen only ruler? Only time will tell.

After the great disaster that took place 101 years ago, the Remschied Empire focused on rebuilding faith within their people as the nation slowly recovered. At the same time, they also see Telos as a new place to expand their reach. Some people say it was the empire’s fault that Telos became uninhabitable due to the last king’s quest for power while others believe a natural disaster wiped the country out, but only the highest ranking officials within the church know the truth.


The empire has an army that is dedicated to fighting and protecting the people in the name of the empire and the church. The military force is broken up into two branches. All newcomers of the military begin their careers in the Legion branch. The Legion branch is the bread and butter of the military force, consisting of mostly ground troops. People in the Legion branch who achieve a certain rank will have the option to join the Air Force branch. People who are accepted into the Air Force are led by a Captain, who is a leader of a battalion within Air Force. Soldiers that have proven themselves are promoted to the Knighthood, which is a step up from the ranks of foot soldiers. People are handpicked by the Church to become a part of the Knighthood if their record and history are in good standing along with having a good moral character and honor. Newly recruited Knights are trained to become Officers that are tasked with leading their subordinates. People who become a Knight may choose to stay in the Legion branch or switch over to the Air Force to become a Captain if an existing Captain takes them in to train them. Each branch has its own rules and regulations. As an Officer, people can oversee all their subordinates at their post in the Legion branch, but they cannot give orders to members of the Air Force due to being in a different branch. Likewise, Captains of the Air Force can give command to their subordinates and all members under that Captain report only to that Captain. A Captain of one group cannot give orders to other members who are under another Captain. All Knights have the potential to become a Vanguard, which are the elite forces of the military. Not only does a member in the Vanguard have exceptional skills, they also hold seniority over the people below their rank, effectively making them a commander.