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Captain of the Watch ~ Allied Nations Tribunus

Rem Posing.png

What seest thou else in the dark backward and abysm of time?



KNOWN ALIASES... Locutus Nox

BIRTH NAME... Rem Yamane

SPECIES... Human (Daeva)

SEX... Male

AGE & NAMEDAY... Age 24, Born March 15, [v.i.s.] 77

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Good

MARITAL STATUS... Interesting




HEIGHT... 5' 3"

WEIGHT... 109 lbs



Preferred voice actor:
Newton Pittman (Gray Fullbuster, Fairy Tail)

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Earlier in his life, Rem was rather hot-headed and wasn't opposed to brawling on the spot. However, since the incident involving himself, his sister, and his mentor, Barsidious, He has learned how to control his temper considerably, though he still likes to brawl for fun with his comrades. While on-duty as a Tribunus for S.A.I.L., he keeps a stoic persona in place to prevent others from inciting his emotions, operating under the public alias of Locutus Nox. Because of this, he is normally seen as cold and calculating, but those closest to him know that he won't hesitate to show compassion for those he cares deeply about.

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"Be you man or beast, it doesn't matter... If you would brandish your blade to threaten the safety of those who are innocent, by your intents you will be judged... and one who shows no remorse deserves no mercy."
- Rem's explanation of maintaining one's duty.

"How far are you willing to walk the line? Would you be willing to take up the mantle of martyrdom, even in the face of overwhelming opposition, to see your goals achieved? Even if it meant never being able to return to the life you once knew? I can't tell you what to do; I don't know all the answers, I don't know where all of these paths go. All I can do is pick one and see my way through to the end, no matter the pain or hardships that come with it."
- Briefing a new batch of SAIL members.

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Opinions, Rumors, and Impressions


Rem is a descendant of one of the few surviving clans that once inhabited the continent of Telos, having relocated to the Sargasso Bay of Cypheed after the Great Disaster. From an early age, he was trained in the art of the sword, taking pride in formal combat. As he furthered his training in swordsmanship, his sister, Kiyoku, took to reading various types of books and began training as the clan's next lorekeeper. Both Rem and Kiyoku's disciplines were overseen by the then-acting clan's discipleship leader, Barsidious White, who took interest in the twins' potential, and particularly with Rem. Rem was initially a more literal interpretation of "Jack-of-all-trades" during his training, but over time Barisidious began to notice that he had latent magical abilities, which manifested seemingly at random during Rem's training sessions. Rem attributed it to instinctual reflex when pressured during combat, and simply shrugged it off as flukes. This prompted Barisidious to start training Rem very specifically and more thoroughly, though Rem was somewhat wary of obliging.

When both Rem and Kiyoku had reached the age of 12, they both seemingly fell ill, though nobody could figure out what was causing their sickness. Kiyoku had begun researching in her spare time because she didn't like being cooped up in bed all day, while Rem kept to his bed in cold sweats. During her studies, she had begun learning about advanced healing techniques, and how concentrations of magic energy within ones body could begin turning on its host if left to continue building up with no outlet. While this made sense to her for Rem, she couldn't quite figure out why she was feeling ill at the same time he was. Nevertheless, she managed to get Rem out of bed long enough to try and expel some of his latent energy that had built up within him.

While they carefully studied some of the more ancient (and often-labeled 'taboo' by some clan members) materials, they formed a circle decorated with ancient glyphs that was meant to contain the flow of their aetheric energy and keep it concentrated within the boundaries of that circle. Once Rem got a handle on properly channeling his energy, Kiyoku joined in and channeled hers as a means of keeping Rem's in check just in case, since he was still new. Barsidious happened upon them and took note of what was going on, and while impressed with Kiyoku's knowledge and controlled practice, was about to start scolding them for not consulting with him first. His reprimanding broke Kiyoku's attention off of Rem; consequently, this caused Rem to lose his own control, and a surge of energy emanated from within the circle.

This immediately took effect on Kiyoku, and Rem unintentionally began siphoning both Barsidious' and Kiyoku's energies in trying to expel his excess, though Kiyoku was able to regain control and synchronize with Rem after a moment, but neither were able to stop their flows of energies. The resulting flow began accumulating so much that it became more than the circle could contain, and eventually began breaking through the containment field of the circle. Barsidious managed to stop the siphoning of his energy long enough to assess the situation and what was really happening to them. He noted that Rem's aura was dark, while Kiyoku's was bright, and that the collision of energies between them was enough to level the entirety of the area they were in if not stopped soon.

Fearing the worst, Barsidious began to channel his energy around them, in an attempt to match their output and start a reverse flow that would cancel out all the energies in the room. It began working to an extent, but a sudden shifts between the concentration of Rem and Kiyoku's energies battling each other kept him from accomplishing his objective. It wasn't until Barsidious managed to get close enough to both of them that he managed to non-lethally incapacitate both of them long enough to redirect the remaining flow of energy and absorbing it into himself, causing his being to breakdown into aetheric energy itself. Thus, he seemingly such dissipated into thin air, smiling the entire time.

Both Rem and Kiyoku awoke several days later, and were informed that Barsidious was no longer with the clan, though the twins took that to mean that he gave his life trying to save them from whatever was happening to them prior. As they were getting up and ready to resume training themselves, Kiyoku was permitted to resume her studies in the library, but Rem was prohibited from practicing the techniques he learned from Barsidious on the clan grounds. When he pressed for an answer, Rem was told that the arts he was learning were not traditional Telosian arts, but rather a discipline that was supposed to be discontinued all over the world because of its nature. Due to his innocence of not knowing what exactly he was practicing, the clan's leadership at the time unanimously decided against exile, but forbade him from continuing his practice where people would be present. Thus, he was to set out and find an area far enough away from settlements in order to protect not just everyone else, but himself as well.

Rem's shadow emerges from darkness as he completes his final training.

During his time alone and isolated, Rem came to learn more about the exact art he was practicing, and that soon he would have to battle an ever-growing, restless spirit to quell the chaos within himself. It wasn't long before he began pushing himself beyond his limits on a constant basis, so much so to the point that the restless spirit within him began threatening to take over him. Eventually, Rem came face-to-face with the darkness within him, manifesting itself in his own likeness. Rem did battle with this spirit and eventually overcame his doppelganger, though not without major harm. After spending the next few days recovering, he decided to return to his clan to inform the clan's council that he had successfully completed his training arts, and would choose to pursue a different combat art, whilst taking up duty with the Allied Nations' Civil Defense Force, much to his clansfolk's surprise. They did not object, however, and gave their blessings for his departure, albeit to Kiyoku's dismay. Rem tried to reassure her that he would visit as often as possible and see about returning permanently, if the future held such an option for him. This put her mind at ease for the most part, and joined the others in seeing Rem off. Thus, Rem began his official journey to the de-facto capital of Cypheed, Aurum City.

After arriving in the city, Rem immediately took a liking to its industrial architecture and the various technological marvels strewn throughout. Being new to the city, on top of being younger than many other adventurers, managed to attract him some unwanted attention when he began exploring the lower depths of the city and running into some of the more seedier denizens. When the initial brawl broke out, Rem managed to dispatch three of his would-be attackers, but was shortly jumped afterwards by more and more. He managed to survive the onslaught, but only with the intervention of members of the Watch showed up and broke up the rest of the fight. While some tailed after the rest of the assailants, a couple remained behind to help Rem to a nearby medical center. They reprimanded him for trying to take on that many people by himself, but commended him for being able to hold his own in spite of it. They then informed him they would be making a recommendation to the local Watch garrison should he ever want to think about enlisting. With the promises of daily activity to keep himself occupied and a chance to learn new skills and branch his way out as much as possible, Rem graciously accepted the offer and would enlist after recovering.

SAIL Agent

Within a few years' time, Rem had advanced his way up the hierarchy of the Watch, having made a name for himself as one of the swiftest and most cunning members the CDF had ever trained. Later on, he was approached by Judge Quintus sig Celsus, offering Rem an opportunity take part in a new initiative for reconnaissance for the Allied Nations, Project S.A.I.L., a team of carefully hand-picked members from across the ranks of The Watch to act as the direct right hand of the Judex Council, tasked with performing some of the more dirty work, as it were. Rem made his debut in this division as a Venator, a trained hunter tasked with hunting down the more notorious criminals that plagued the Allied Nations. It was his work as a Venator that allowed him to quickly climb up to the rank of SAIL Tribunus, as well as assuming the duties as the division's leader.

Some time after, the central command for the CDF held a ceremony to recognize some of their recently outstanding members; some for their dedicated service, some going above and beyond their normal scope of duties without asking anything in return, and even finding peaceful alternatives to more sensitive, high-tension situations that would otherwise have been a blood bath. Rem was recognized among these members for his dedication to the service of The Watch. This event had humbled Rem to the point where he felt he needed to get away from the spotlight, prompting him to take a temporary leave of absence and return to his home to not only convey his achievements, but to also reconnect with his family and old friends. After a short time of recuperating at his home in Sargasso Bay, Rem was preparing to return to Aurum City until a fellow excursor brought word of events to him regarding the state of the Allied Nations. The excursor also brought a signed order from Quintus directing him to station himself at the local branch in the city of Arcadia.

To be continued...

Character Analysis

Rem Yamane
Rem Thumb.png HP: AP: Level: Class/Job:
STR: 24
VIT: 30
WIL: 34
SPR: 27
1140 1110 72 Mystic
Thea Fire Glyph.png Fire: Thea Ice Glyph.png Ice: Thea Wind Glyph.png Wind: Thea Earth Glyph.png Earth: Thea Thunder Glyph.png Thunder: Thea Water Glyph.png Water: Thea Dark Glyph.png Dark: Thea Light Glyph.png Light:
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 65% 35%
Elemental Affinity: Discipline:
Dark None

Skills, Affinities and Flaws


  • Zan'ei - The Cutting Shadow: Rem has a natural affinity with dark when it comes to elemental magic. However, he is by no means ignorant to the other elements, and has taken care to learn all he can about the pros and cons of the various spells he has learned. To this day, he is unaware of how exactly he came to possess an innate ability to harness the power of magic the way he does, but he nonetheless plans to continue studying and experimenting with his current level of knowledge in order to bring his magical abilities to their absolute peak.
  • Headstrong: Rem has a tendency to charge right into the fray without much thought to his own safety or assessing the situation properly before-hand. This has often led to many of his defeats in the past, and even still some to this day. Despite this, he continues to do what he feels is necessary to win the battle at all costs, even if that means putting himself on the front line.
  • Learned Scholar: He will admit that his sister's love of books has rubbed off on him quite a bit. Because of this, Rem now has an elevated affinity for learning through reading, particularly when it comes to snooping through documents, which he has used as leverage against others in his younger years.
  • Hunter-Killer: Owing to his training as a Venator for SAIL, Rem is an adept tracker who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, having hunted down his fair share of notorious criminals throughout Thea.

Advanced Combat Techniques

  • Advanced Aetheric Manipulation: Rem prides himself on being an expert in combat, so much so that he can manipulate elemental magic spells while he's casting them for visual alteration, mostly to intimidate his opponents.
    • Aether Blades: As part of his advanced manipulation practices, Rem will often use this technique as a surprise move in order to catch an oncoming opponent off-guard. Sustaining their manifestation is impractical, as it will rapidly drain Rem's magic energy; his solution to this deficiency is using this technique as a projectile-type attack.
  • Heightened Agility: Rem is not ignorant to how he balances his traits during combat. However, his ability to maneuver and strike quickly often leaves his enemies bewildered.

Equipment and Key items


  • Arma: A set of ornate, dual knives; their light weight and small size aids Rem's maneuverability and ability to remain incognito if a situation warrants it.
  • Magitek MA01(K) Gauntlets: These gauntlets were specially-crafted as a means for inexperienced magic users to help focus their powers. These variants were crafted specifically for Rem to help prevent him from over-draining himself during combat.

Armor and Accessories

  • Darklight Earring: A dark ear ring with a bright, luminescent stone attached. Kiyoku shares the other half of this pair.
  • Bond of the Mystic: This armband was once considered a mere trinket. However, it was discovered that this, and many other accessories in circulation across Thea, are considered what are known as "Slumbering Relics". Over time, the relic became spirit-bound to Rem and awakened to its full potential, granting him mastery of the magic arts. It wasn't until both he and the relic reached a certain point of maturity that he was able to properly utilize it.



Main Themes

Main Theme
Yakuza 0 OST - "Pandora's Place" [1]

Enter: Rem Yamane
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - "Rippers" [2]

Battle Themes

Bewildering Battle
Persona 4 OST - "New World Fool" [3]

Misc. Themes

No further information is available at this time.


Family and Friends

  • Kiyoku: Beloved sister and friend. You take your own skills in combat for granted, though I can't fault you for not wanting to take up the blade. Your love for books rubbed off on me more than I would have thought, though; 'twas a skill that came highly useful. In all actuality, I owe you a lot of gratitude for where I am.
  • Mel: I often wonder what would have been had my sister and I not been so foolish in our youth... No amount of me apologizing will ever bring your father back, but in that same shade, I am glad you don't paint me or my sister as monsters. That day will forever be a stain in my memories...
  • Barsidious White: Not a day goes by that I don't regret what happened; no amount of apologizing will bring you back, but you have my word that I will take care of Mel as best I can. Fare thee well my lord, wherever you may be...

Neutrals/Common Allies

  • Quintus sig Celsus: I appreciate the guidance you've given me throughout my tenure. Though we are not close in terms of being acquainted with each other, my blade stands ready to defend Cypheed at all times.

Notable Rivals and Enemies

Notable Events and Battles