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Magitek, or Magical Technology, is a term taken from Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XIV. In Final Fantasy VI, Magitek acts as the general term for technology powered by magic forcibly extracted from espers by the Gestahlian Empire, while in Final Fantasy XIV, Magitek refers to the Garlean Empire's cerulem-fueled devices. Magitek in Thea follows more closely with the concept followed by Final Fantasy XIV, using violium in place of ceruleum. While ceruleum is considered rare in Final Fantasy XIV, violium in Thea does not have rarity status, but it is also not very common. The Allied Nations are the foremost users of magitek, and for yet undisclosed reasons, the majority of Cypheed dwellers have a natural ineptitude for the workings of magic, leading them to develop magitek to overcome this disadvantage.

Magitek is not nearly as widely-used in Eremar or Telos, Eremar if at all, but the latter is beginning to see more of it thanks to the newfound hustle and bustle of adventurers, merchants, and citizens alike beginning to flock towards the once-forbidden continent. Magitek was not so widely used early on in the beginning days of the Civil Defense Force of the Allied Nations, but the introduction of it did help stave off various past skirmishes across Telos before the Great Disaster. While some airships are fueled by violium, they are not technically categorized as magitek machinery.