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Basic Formatting

This is a short overview of the wiki markup used on this site. A full guide can be found here: Help:Formatting.

Description Markup Example
Makes text italic, bold, or both.
''italics'', '''bold''', '''''both'''''
Link to a page of the same name on the wiki (Namespace Examples: 'Help:', 'Template:', 'Category:')
[[Page name]]
[[Namespace:Page name]]
Link to a page using different text
[[Page name|Link name]]
Named external link
[ Example Domain]
Section headings.

Note that selecting the right heading for a section is not a stylistic choice. Top-level sections should always start with a level 2 heading and sub-sections with a level 3 heading, etc. Level 1 section headings are reserved for the title of the page, and arbitrarily adding one elsewhere will detract from the overall format and could potentially mess up the page you are editing; use at your own risk.

==Level 2 Heading==
===Level 3 Heading===
Unordered list. (Warning: Blank newlines between the items will split the list up into several lists.)
* an item
* another item
* ...
Numbered list
# item 1
# item 2
# ...
: Indented text
Horizontal rule
Add a table, like this one.
{| class="wikitable"
! Header 1 title
! Header 2 title
| text (for row 1, column 1)
| text (for row 1, column 2)
Change a text's color (can be in 'rgb' or 'rrggbb' format)
<span style="color:#000">Colored text</span>
Used to redirect to a certain page or section of the page specified; '#Section title' is optional.
#REDIRECT [[Page name#Section title]]

Useful Syntax and Templates

These are pieces of code that are frequently used throughout the site.

Description Template
Creates a stub tag. This is for pages that lack important information or do not have enough substantial content.
Flags a page the should be deleted. You can give a reason for why (optional).

|reason = Reason for deletion
Flags a page that doesn't meet style guidelines and needs to be reformatted.
Add a general information notice with a custom header and reason; i.e., add the code before a paragraph to emphasize the relevancy of it.
| notice = 
| reason = 
Add a 'work-in-progress' tag to a page (typically used by administrators, but you may add one to your own pages if you like.)
Add a 'Location Unavailable' tag to a page; this should only be used on Location pages for areas that are currently not setup in-world.