Crysynth Research Institute

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Of the many continents spread throughout Thea, few have embraced the technological aspects of life. Of those continents that are eager to further their understanding of technological concepts and growth, the continent of Cypheed, home of the Allied Nations, has established a figurehead with researchers and scholars from across all of Thea, the Crysynth Research Institute, dedicated to researching and developing upon Thea's greatest technological marvel. The Crysynth Network is the world's greatest technological marvel; it was purported to be a world-wide, fast-travel system, but after the Great Disaster struck Telos a century ago, the network was shattered and left in disarray. Because of this, the riftgates no longer function, leaving airships, boats, and trains the quickest means of long-distance transportation at current. The Crysynth Research Institute was founded in order to restore, maintain, and further develop the Crysynth Network's capabilities and is located in Cypheed's de-facto capital of Aurum City. While the main center of operations is headquartered in Cypheed, the CRI has been sanctioned by the Council of Nations to establish various, smaller research branches in Eremar and Telos, as a means of easier communication and transmission of data to and from each other.

Notable Branches and Locations:

  • Site Alpha (Central HQ) - Aurum City, Cypheed
  • Site Delta (Athenaeum Meridianum) - Arcadia, Telos
  • Site Lambda (Old Library) - Remschied
  • Site Tau - Miezul territory outskirts, Telos