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Aurum City is a city in Thea, located on the continent of Cypheed. As the largest producer of magitek technology, Aurum City has become the de-facto industrial capital of Cypheed and, by extension, all of Thea.


Aurum City is located in the central regions of Cypheed. Because of its sheer size, the city itself is considered its own region. The surrounding badlands makes the industrial machinations that make up the city that much more foreboding. Aurum City and the territories that make up the Allied Nations are governed by a pseudo-parliamentary system, with power lying primarily in the hands of the Judex Council. The economy is driven by many types of businesses, but the majority of wealth comes from magitek manufacturing. To maintain safety and security of Cypheed's communities, each territory employs its own police force that collectively make up the Civil Defense Force, which ultimately answers to both the people of the Allied Nations and the Judex Council.

Landmarks and Services

Inner City

The Apex

The Apex is a large tower building whose structural integrity is heavily reinforced. The tower is also houses the chambers of the Judex Council and local CDF officer-level personnel, as well as various other public offices, a prison complex for higher-profile criminals, and even a commercial airship dock. At the base of the tower is the Apex Plaza, which serves as the entryway between the outer city, the inner city and the rest of the tower.

A.C. Manufacturing

A.C. Manufacturing is a privately-owned magitek manufacturing facility that provides magitek products for other, smaller companies, such as commercial airships and private airships for the more wealthy. Being a civilian company, however, they are permitted to manufacture non-weaponized products only. The front office is open to the public, but the manufacturing plant is off-limits to non-employees.

Red Wings Bar

Both a tavern and something of an adventurer's guild, if you're looking for leads, it may be worth your while to visit and chat with some of the locals.

Outer City

Apex Plaza

The Apex Plaza is the primary area that separates the outer city from the inner city, and is situated at the base of The Apex. The plaza is also a key hot spot for independent merchants and market/request boards, so you're bound to find something worth your while if you need to check the markets.

The Stacks

The Stacks is a collection of tenement buildings that, rather than rise up into the sky, actually burrow beneath the base level of the city. While there are private residences mixed in between that range from middle- to upper-class citizenry, the Stacks were designed as an affordable residential area for city employees who were working on the underground concourses and service tunnels before the city expanded into what it is today.

Violium Processing Plant

The Violium Processing Plant is located in the city's depths. The processing plant powers the city as well as exports processed violium for the Magitek Armory and private businesses that have need of violium. Various areas of the city's surface have been specially constructed to allow for ventilation.

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Musical Themes

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