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The Allied Nations are hard to put into simple definitions. Unlike the Remschied Empire, the Allied Nations are a collective group of people and races that are united under one goal: to give all people the same chances and opportunities at life no matter who they are. The Allied Nations are made up of many towns, villages, and cities of various sizes and each territory has an ambassador to speak for their people. When the land is in danger, all the ambassadors come together to work on the problem together. While each ambassador, whether they are a mayor, a chief, or any other form of a leader, has their own rules and regulations within their borders, all ambassadors must agree to uphold the ideals and laws imposed within the Allied Nations for the benefit of the people. Should any ambassador go awry, their fate will be decided by their own peers. After the Great Disaster had passed, the Allied Nations had opened its doors to the survivors of the incident. People came together to help those in need and treated them like family. Many of the survivors blamed the Remschied Empire for causing the catastrophe, but as the century passed, the two sides were focused on rebuilding their nations and their relationships.


Because none of the territories within the Allied Nations are large enough to be an empire, all the territories border each other where people can come and go as they please. All territories within the Allied Nations also use the same currency, and the establishments within the Allied Nations are like any other place, containing taverns, libraries, schools, stores, and many others. The Allied Nations do not use a caste system at all, allowing people to create their own fortunes and success. The Allied Nations also do not strictly follow under one deity or one religion. Instead, people are encouraged to expand their horizons and pray under whoever they want to pray to. You’d be hard pressed not to find handfuls of churches that have different patron deities and followings. The Allied Nations prides itself on the fact that they are technologically superior to the other inhabited lands, specializing in Magitek machinery and airships. Their magitek technology is empowered by a substance called Violium, a special type of fuel that can be mined from below the ground.


The Allied Nations has its own army for defense, with their own ranks and benefits, the Civil Defense Force, otherwise known as "The Watch". While the Remschied Empire gives benefits to its own army, such as payment, mastering new skills, and a place to sleep should they not have their own home, the armies in the Allied Nations focus on discipline, honor, and protecting the people from danger. The Allied Nations gives pay to its troops and they call upon them if a great threat arises. Unlike the Remschied Empire, each territory within the Allied Nations has its own army to handle its own problems, but they can unite with other armies nearby if it is necessary. An individual battalion within its own territory cannot possibly hope to defeat an entire legion of foreign soldiers. However, when banded together, it is said that the Allied Nations can go toe-to-toe with Remschied's Royal Army.

The Civil Defense Force is divided between its eight major territories, all of which are primarily managed by the Judex Council. Recruitment is open for anyone who feels the desire to serve, no matter how rich or poor one might be, and the Watch does not discriminate based on origin. If one can prove his or her dedication to keeping the territories safe, they are welcomed into the ranks with open arms. The Civil Defense Force utilizes the many technological advancements the continent has made to maintain and give its forces an edge in battle, from weaponry to vehicles. Yet, with all of their technological might, they have yet to unlock the secrets of the ancient Mysidians through their attempts to recover and study their relics, as the Mysidians' technology is far beyond anything current civilization has seen.

The Civil Defense Force puts the power of Magitek to generous use that gives them an edge on the battlefield, which gave way to high tension between the Allied Nations and Remschied for a time. The Allied Nations swore an oath to Remschied that they would never turn their weapons on the empire unless they had an explicitly justifiable reason to do so, which eased the tensions down considerably.