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Welcome to Thea! We are glad you have expressed interest in our community! We strive for a wonderful experience of role playing, storytelling, and lots of adventuring. We want your time in Thea to be one where you will always make new memories, friends, and your own characters’ stories and we will help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Most of the answers you seek are in this rulebook. We have created the rulebook to be easy to read and understand and we strongly recommend that you read through it to know what to expect when role playing in Thea.

General Rules

  • When you first start out in the sim, remember that your character is not a god or anyone that can manipulate reality to their advantage. Your character cannot master the ultimate spell from day one nor can they use a weapon that can instantly kill someone while being healed at the same time. Everyone starts out at the bottom and by role playing your character’s development, they can become stronger over time. It’s natural progression! Remember, you will get more out of your character as they grow stronger over time with their achievements rather than being handed everything. In short, do not start a new character expecting that they will be master mages or ultimate ninjas.
  • Your character is allowed to be whatever you want them to be, but within reason. While your character can have any occupation or career history like a swordsman, goldsmith, mercenary, etc, they cannot be a master of their skill; it has to be earned and learned. Likewise, we do not allow characters to be of royalty of any kind unless approved by a Game Master. Remember, everyone starts somewhere and starting at the top makes that position less special.
  • Just because you know something doesn’t mean your character does. OOC or “out of character” is when you are not actively role playing, thus your presence does not exist in the RP world. Anything you learn while OOC stays OOC. IC or “in character” is when you are playing as your character in sim and are dictating their actions. Everything they see and do is restricted to that character. When you play as a different character, they cannot know what your other characters know because it’s not possible to have your characters interact with each other physically on Second Life.
  • Meta gaming is heavily frowned upon. Meta gaming is taking information you, the player, know about and trying to apply it ICly. For example, hearing from another player that runs a clan that they are planning to attack a rival clan and then you try to use that knowledge ICly to stop it. Any cases of meta gaming will have the RP voided and the Game Masters will investigate the issue.
    • This rule also includes looking at a character’s overhead titler or group tag. Remember, just because you know who they are OOCly doesn’t mean your character knows it.
  • Dress appropriately! While the theme of the sim does allow some revealing outfits, please be modest with how you dress. This means everyone must have their genitals covered and their rears covered as well. This is a mature sim, not a place where you can show off your goods.
    • There are no repercussions for two characters to perform sexual acts. However, if you are going to take part in said acts, please keep it within private messages between the parties. We are all adults here, so keep any sexual RPs within private messaging and out of public ears. If someone does not want to accept your sexual advances, ICly or OOCly, back off; people hold the right to refuse to RP anything sexual with you.
  • If you are having a problem with another player, please contact a Coordinator or Game Master and they will assist you. If you are having a problem regarding an RP scene, pause the scene and contact a Game Master to mediate. If you feel the decision made was not a good one, please take the issue up with the staff in private rather than openly complaining about it or trying to take matters into your own hands. Remember, less drama means fewer problems that everyone has to deal with.
  • Harassing or causing grief of any form to another player will result in a suspension or ban. Griefing the sim will result in an instant ban. This includes, but is not limited to playing annoying/obscene gestures and sounds, excessive use of foul language, making threats to players OOCly, generating prims or scripts for the purpose of crashing the sim, etc. Trying to stop a griefer yourself will also be taken as griefing because it turns into a “he said, she said” fiasco.
  • While we do allow rezzing of prims for a quick build or to open packaged items, please remove them when you are done. No one likes to clean up someone else’s mess just because you were too lazy to do it. Our prim allotment is heavily limited and we need all the prims we can get for dedicated use for Thea.
  • Muting or ignoring anyone on the staff will result in a suspension or ban. No exceptions.
  • Weapons, other than guns, that can shoot bullets/projectiles are forbidden for use in sim. This includes and is not limited to gunblades, staves that can shoot fireballs, and similar weapons. Weapons are either melee range or long range, not both at once. Likewise, weapons or anything else that can make a shield out of thin air are not allowed since you cannot create a barrier to just instantly block any attack. We may suggest alternative weapons for you to use. Using forbidden weapons after being told not to do so will result in a suspension or ban.
  • Weapons that are heavy in particle effects are not allowed in order to keep things running smoothly. Remember, not everyone has a computer that can render a billion particle effects at once.
  • Logs count! If you have a problem with someone, have a record of it on hand so you can show proof to the staff. Remember, if we have no proof, then we cannot make an appropriate ruling.
  • No one likes people that act rude. Please be civil and don’t cause drama to others.
  • Using features from third party Second Life viewers to get around land restrictions will be met with a warning or ban. We have certain actions disabled for a reason.
  • We don’t prohibit people giving others gifts in sim, but do not pester others to give you money or other items. Continuing to do so will fall under the harassment clause and will be dealt with.
  • If you wish to set up a vendor to sell your items to the community, please contact the Council to be set up. Anyone who sets up a vendor without permission will have their vendor immediately removed.
  • Keep script usage to a minimum! Excessive scripts can cause lag to the sim and ruin everyone’s RP experience. Remove scripts from your attachments that you do not need. Resizer scripts tend to be excess in number.
    • The most optimal script usage is below 300 scripts and memory usage total below 3 MB (3000 KB roughly). If a staff member asks you to remove something attached to you for excessive scripts, do it.
  • The Faction Leaders, Coordinators, and Game Masters’ words are law and final.

Your rights to harassment free role playing

  • While we prefer that you settle your differences with another player or contact a Game Master for assistance, you have the absolute right to role play in Thea without another player causing grief to you.
  • If a player is harassing you, you can choose to mute them and refuse to role play with them. Remember, your experience in the role play should not be hindered or tarnished by anyone.
  • Muting people should be used as a last resort since we want to have any issues settled without them affecting the role play.
  • If you feel someone is trying to harass you on an in character level that is beyond normal means, please contact a staff member. While we do allow character to act mean and aggressive towards another character, we do not tolerate people using characters to be overly aggressive to the point where the players feel uncomfortable.
  • You are not allowed to mute anyone in the Thea staff whatsoever since it makes communication between them and the players a lot more difficult

Roleplaying Rules and Knowledge in Thea

  • While the world of Thea is heavily mixed with a variety of races, no one has a physical advantage over someone else. For this reason, races or creatures that have a natural ability (flying, invisibility, natural armor like scales or shells, fire breath, etc.) are not allowed to be played in sim. This includes and is not limited to werewolves, vampires, chameleons, creatures with wings, snakes, aquatic creatures/fish, etc.
    • On a similar note, unless you get it approved by the Game Masters, your character is not “naturally” attuned to specific elements or has any change happen to their body or mind if they encounter a specific element. Everyone reacts to elements the same way. Fire is hot, ice is cold, etc.
  • Demi-humans (anthropomorphic characters or furries as they are commonly known) are perfectly fine to play as, but they are not allowed have abilities such as heightened hearing or keen eyesight. In other words, they are just different looking humanoids. You may fill out a character approval application for the Game Masters to review if you feel your character should have an ability that is restricted by the rules, but keep in mind that the Game Masters have the right to reject it. Demihuman characters are to be biped (walk on 2 legs) only and they are to have no more than 2 legs and 2 arms.
    • Demi-human dragons and lizards are allowed to be used by players if the character has soft scales and doesn’t have wings or any other natural ability as described above. They also cannot have overgrown horns or claws. If your dragon or lizard character doesn’t meet the above criteria, then adjust your character’s features as necessary.
  • There are size and mass limits to characters used by players in order to keep things semi-realistic. Keep your characters proportionate to everyone else in Thea. If your characters are bigger and/or wider than a doorframe or smaller than a few steps on a ladder, chances are you are not going to be allowed to play a character of those sizes unless you get it approved by the council first. This also means that while we do allow overweight or muscular characters, keep their bulk within reason. In other words, keep your size and mass within moderation.
    • For a general estimate, the tallest character can not exceed 8 feet and the shortest character cannot go below 4 feet.
  • Characters must be mortal, meaning they live and breathe like any other person and have a limited life span. Robots, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, gods, angels, nagas, demons, and other entities that defy this logic are not allowed to be played.
  • Characters and creatures from other series and franchises outside of the Final Fantasy universe are absolutely forbidden to use as characters. Examples include and are not limited to hedgehogs, koopas, pokemon, digimon, and so forth. They do not fit in the Final Fantasy world, thus they do not belong in Thea ICly.
    • Races found in other Final Fantasy games are fine to play as in the Thea sim. This includes mainly moogles, chocobos, vieras, bangaas, nu mous, etc. Races from Final Fantasy that have incredible abilities are not allowed to be played in sim unless approved by a Game Master. This rule will be tweaked as needed.
    • Characters that appear from other Final Fantasy games, such as Cloud, Lightning, Cecil, etc. are not allowed to be used in Thea.
    • In regards to names, you can play as a character with names like Cloud, Cid, Kain, Zidane, etc. as long as they are names in real life. You cannot use unique names like Tifa, Sephiroth, Wakka, etc. Using full names of already established characters from the Final Fantasy universe (Cloud Strife as an example) is not allowed.
    • Should you choose to play as an animal, you are expected to act like one. You do not have the ability to talk, use weapons, or do anything a human can do. If you wish to have such abilities otherwise, you must gain approval from the Game Masters.
  • The setting of Thea is mostly in the theme of steampunk, which means that technology will be mostly simplistic (i.e., steam powered boats, gears and other devices to activate mechanisms, giant propellers for generic airships, etc.) There won’t be personal computers, laser guns, or any other tech that is considered modern or ultra-modern. Advanced technological gadgets you wish to have, such as something from an ancient advanced civilization, needs to go through proper application and will likely be heavily scrutinized if there is no logical or reasonable explanation as to why your character(s) would have them.
  • Guns are in the setting of Thea, but most are clunky, bulky, and slow to fire. With this mind, you cannot use guns that can rapid fire, auto fire, or use any other feature that would be found in modern guns and dual wielding guns are just not possible. Guns that you would find from the late 1800s to the 1940s are allowed to be used in Thea.
  • Ranged weapons are limited to bows, guns, and crossbows. Anything can be a melee weapon as long as it fits the theme of Thea and does not break the willing suspension of disbelief. For example, a short character cannot wield a sword that is 3 times their height and another character can’t dual wield broadswords without looking silly.
  • If you make a mistake with some details in your post during RP, just tell everyone you voided your post and you can redo your post. However, do not clutter the RP with voided posts left and right as this will disrupt the flow of RP.
  • When you are OOC, please be sure to wear the OOC tag or a variation of it. When you are IC, use the appropriate tags. Anyone who is OOC is considered to not exist so please do not disrupt current RP with OOC posting.
  • Ignoring someone’s posts in RP is highly forbidden. No one likes it when you ignore what they say to you. If someone missed your post, kindly remind them. Repeated reports of ignoring people in RP will result in consequences.
  • Devices and items that can give your character an advantage over others, such as grappling hooks for example, cannot be used without consent from the Game Masters.
  • When there are a large amount of people RPing at one time in a given area, people should create a posting order to cause less confusion when posting. You can also have people break up into smaller groups and move away from the main area in order to make RP flow more smoothly.
  • If someone is new to the RP scene, help them out! A few minutes of your time can go a long way to get the new player interested in the sim and is more likely to say.
  • Other than the designated area made for OOC, the entire sim is considered to be IC areas. Use the OOC area(s) for any business you may have to do.
  • Anyone wishing to create a group to role play as in Thea must fill out an application and send them to the Game Masters. People creating groups that are not approved for use in Thea will have the group be non existent.
  • While it is natural for characters to be hateful to another character or even be racist, please take care when RPing this way. A character that is overly mean for no reason will be seen as the player trolling other players and warnings will be given out. Don’t make characters be a jerk to others just for the sake of being mean.
  • Spirits and ghosts do exist in Thea, but they are reserved to be used by players in the Random Encounters group only for story purposes.
  • While many creatures and abilities are restricted for player use, most of them are allowed to be used by a Random Encounter player within reason. They are trusted with the responsibility in playing as restricted characters and are to be respected as such.
  • We do not enforce a limit or minimum size on how large someone’s post may be during role play, but please be considerate to your fellow players by keeping your posts brief and to the point. Making large posts all the time can slow down the flow of the role play since other players have to digest the large amounts of text before they can formulate a response.

Laws of Wounds and death

  • Disfigurement and death do exist in Thea, but you can only disfigure or kill another player through their consent. Disfigurement involves permanently changing a character’s physical appearance via mutilation, amputation, breaking bones, etc. Any attempts to maim or kill another player without their permission will have the RP voided and the Game Masters investigating the issue. The only characters allowed to be killed off without consent are those in the Random Encounters group. Game Masters can dictate who can die as well, regardless of who the character is.
    • If you decide to kill off your character, IT IS ABSOLUTELY FINAL. Period. Please think firmly about your decision should you decide to kill off your character. Likewise, give some time to think before disbanding from a group since it is a pain for faction leaders to re-invite you to the group with the appropriate titles. Once your character bites the dust, they are gone for good no matter how many Phoenix Downs you throw at them.
  • Characters that wish to fake their own death must have approval from the Game Masters in advance. This is to cut down on people that may try to bail their character out of a mess without any consequences for their actions or for killing their characters off and then deciding they changed their mind. Death should not be cheap and it should not be a daily routine, real or fake. Players who fake their own death without approval from the Game Masters will have all RP related to it voided and possibly have the character killed off for real.
  • Everyone gets wounded at some point and at various degrees. You cannot instantly recover from your wounds. This also holds true if you heal with magic since most magic spells in Thea can only speed up the healing process and are not a cure all. RP your wounds and your recovery time accordingly.
    • Unless you are under a special condition imposed by the Game Masters or a special event, your character’s bodies shall not have enhanced regeneration/healing nor should they have something that hinders recovery.

Combat: The rules of Battle

  • There are two styles of combat. RP combat is where people make posts on how their characters attack and defend in battle. Meter combat is where everyone uses the HUD system to fight, similar to a video game. If combat is going to start, all people taking part in it need to vote on what combat type should be used.
  • When RP combat is taking place, if there are disputes over the outcome, the Thea Dice Resolution System is to be used to determine the results and only that particular brand of dice. Anyone caught using a modified dice will be dealt with.
  • Metered, dice, and RP combat are the official combat methods used in Thea. Other methods of combat are not supported by the Game Masters.
  • If there are a lot of people taking part in a RP fight, people should separate away from the main area in smaller groups so combat can flow smoothly. For example, a group of 12 people fighting at once should break off into groups of 4 to keep combat simple. Likewise, if there is a heavy split between people who want to RP combat and people that want meter combat, both sides should split off in order to not interfere with each other.
  • Should any major issues arise during RP combat, have the combat freeze and resolve the matter or contact someone from the staff to mediate.
  • During meter combat, using any method that gives you an (unapproved) unfair advantage over others, such as dashers or shields, will have the fight voided in the favor of the victim. Don’t be a jerk by cheating.
  • Similarly, using items that manipulate the HUD or making any physical changes to the HUD to give you an advantage during combat will result in a warning or ban. Likewise, using HUDs that your character did not earn will have similar results.
  • Detaching your HUD during combat is forbidden and will result in a warning, along with your character being in an automatic wounded state.
  • When a character gets wounded via meter combat, removing the HUD in order to get around the wound will have the wound reapplied from the beginning and a possible extension to it. In short, suck it up and don’t try to instantly heal.
  • Characters that receive injuries are expected to react to their injuries appropriately. For example, being slashed by a sword to the arm is going to have that character be in pain as they hold their wound. Likewise, your characters will not instantly heal from any wound, magic or otherwise. Everyone needs time to recover so RP your recoveries appropriately.
  • Using any exploits found in the combat HUD will have the fight voided and the offender given a ban. Don’t be a fool by using exploits just to help you win.
  • Using meter combat on players who are not ready or are not taking part in the fight will be seen as griefing and dealt with accordingly. Likewise, don’t use your combat HUD to attack players minding their own business.
  • While characters can learn abilities and spells that make them more efficient in battle, it does not mean that said character is invincible in the fight. Remember, a stab from a sword is going to hurt whether you are a weakling or a master of martial arts.
  • Just because your character may have high defense via combat HUD does not mean they can just naturally shrug off damage as if they were tickled. Also, wearing armor or using magic barriers to reduce damage will do just that. You will not block all damage. Your HUD does not dictate how strong you are in an RP battle, but it should be used as a guideline.
    • A high tiered character, for example, would have no trouble taking out a group of very low tier characters on his own. Likewise, a weaker character using a strong spell he acquired will not do a ton of damage to a stronger character.
  • Your character is not Superman or SOLDIER from Final Fantasy VII. You cannot block every attack coming at you nor can you simply dodge everything. Even if you are at a higher tier, you are going to get hit at some point. Unless the tier difference between players is massively high, you cannot down someone in a single strike. In RP combat, when you are attacking someone, it has to be an attempt of a variation of it. An example would be “Alice dashes towards her foe as she ducks low and swings her blade wide, trying to slice Dylan in his legs.” Dictating that your attacks have hit gives the other player no chance to react appropriately and this is what we call an auto-hit. Likewise, saying you dodged a blow without any worse for the wear is called an auto-dodge. In short, don’t auto anything during combat!
    • The only exception to the rule is magic spells and only ones that cause damage. Magic is extremely tough to avoid, but this is balanced out by characters having limited energy. Magic that causes bad status effects have a chance at failing and are not guaranteed to always work.
    • You also cannot use the same magic spell two posts in a row. This helps RP battles be more creative instead of people just slinging out the same spells every post.
  • Similarly, attacking someone as your introduction post is highly forbidden. This means if you enter a situation with your character or are starting to interact with another player, your first post cannot be one that attacks someone right away because this falls under the auto-hit clause. You want to give people a chance to react and post accordingly.
  • When in RP combat, please keep all actions related to combat to just one. This means no multi-casting in a single turn or doing things like casting a spell and then attacking someone with a weapon. We want to keep things simple.

Good example: “Mary closes her eyes as she begins to cast a spell, causing the clothes on her body to blow in the sudden wind. Once Mary opened her eyes, a huge ball of fire appears and it flies at Bob to burn him.” (This is Mary just using a spell while doing nothing else)

Bad example: “Bob grunts as he is hurting badly. He takes out a potion and drinks it to recover from his wounds and then he runs at Mary, slicing her in the shoulder with his sword.” (Bob is using a potion and then attacking immediately afterwards, doing two actions in a single turn while auto-hitting Mary at the same time)

  • The following guns are allowed to be used in Thea:
    • Revolvers (6 or 8 bullets per reload)
    • Bolt/Pump action rifles (7 to 10 bullets per reload)
    • Handguns (10 bullets per reload)
    • Bolt/Pump action shotguns (7 rounds per reload)
  • As stated previously, modern guns are not allowed (anything beyond the 1950s) and futuristic guns are not allowed either. Burst fire and full auto guns are also forbidden. The only burst or full auto weapons allowed are ones that would be found on airships or similar vehicles. Assault-type events approved by the Game Masters will allow players to use full auto or burst fire weapons.
  • The setting of Thea does not allow characters to perform certain actions, which are and are not limited to wall jumping, double jump, flying, regeneration, etc.
  • Stealing or breaking another character’s equipment is forbidden unless the player gives consent.


  • We understand that you may wish to leave the role playing scene for whatever reason(s) you have and we won’t force you to stay. However, do keep in mind that if an outside party or influence is making you want to leave, it is in your best interest to talk to a Game Master about the issue. We may not be able to get the problem to be fully resolved, but we will help you to the best to our abilities. You don’t want to make a hasty decision and regret it later.
  • If you do decide to leave Thea, all items that your character(s) have are to go with them unless you make a final IC notice about who gets your possessions. Anyone who tries to RP their character having something powerful or the like from a player’s character that are no longer in Thea will have the items be voided from the RP.
  • If a player leaves Thea, their character(s) are gone. Every character played by a player belongs to them. Under no circumstances should you dictate another player’s character without their consent. Any player that does so will have the RP voided and be given a warning.
  • If you decide to leave, you are to remove yourself from all groups related to Thea. This helps keep management smoother over active members. Any player in Thea that uses information obtained from retired players will be subjected to the meta game clause.
  • If you decide to quit, make absolutely sure that you want to leave. While we won’t scold players that have a change of heart and want to come back, the process of returning the player to their original positions is painstaking and long, plus it can affect current RP. Depending on the length of your absence, you may be subjected to having reduced power and/or rank.
  • In the event a player "rage-quits" in the middle of a scene or RP and declares they are leaving and not coming back - the GM team at that point assumes the right to portray said player's character(s) in a manner fitting the scene left in order to facilitate the continued RP.

Rentals and you

  • Please take note of the prim limits imposed on our rental spaces. Keep your objects within the indicated limit.
  • Even though you have space to rent as your own personal “property”, you are still bound by the rules of the sim. No sexual activity, no objects with sexual options, no heavy script usage, no chat spies, etc.
  • Management reserves the right to return your objects if they are deemed inappropriate to the sim.
  • Even though most rental spaces are a part of the in character universe of Thea, you are not allowed to defile, destroy, invade, rob, or impose any kind of hindrance on the rented buildings without the consent of the owner(s).
  • All rental spaces’ doors and windows are automatically locked unless the owner(s) state otherwise.
  • If you are experiencing problems with rentals, please contact a Game Master or Rental staff for assistance.

Experience: Your guide to character growth

This Section is under review.

This section of the rulebook is currently under review, due to proposed changes in a future release of the Thea Combat System. We will update this section accordingly once things are more set in stone.


  • Participation is a huge key factor to growing stronger in strength and character. Events that you take part in, whether they be slaying the monster of the day or your character earning a promotion, will earn you experience tokens. Collect enough of them and you can “level up” your character, allowing them to earn new abilities or even access a new class!
  • All experience tokens are no mod and no copy. Trans is allowed in order to let you give your tokens to a Game Master in order to redeem your rewards. Only Game Masters can hand out rewards in exchange for experience tokens. Game Masters, Faction Leaders, event organizers, and other designated players can hand out the tokens. Do not bug them about earning more tokens.
  • While you can give your own experience tokens away to another player, doing so will severely gimp your character’s growth and there is a limit to how often you can level up in a short amount of time. In short, hold onto the tokens you earn. You earned them, not your friends.
  • Trying to sell experience tokens or use them in an unlawful manner will be met with a suspension or ban. Don’t do it.

Pro Tips

  • Interact! No one likes a player that just keeps to themselves. Having your character go out of their way to talk to another character will generate RP. Also, branch out when RPing. You will get more enjoyment interacting with many people instead of sticking to just people you know.
  • Remember that Thea is a place to have fun while RPing and developing your character. If you are going to pour over every detail on how to win at every meter combat you get into, you are better off playing in a different sim. No one likes losing, but it’s even worse when you focus more on winning than actual RP.
  • Help out other players! New players will feel more welcomed if they see the community helping out.
  • If you feel things are getting too rough or players are giving you a hard time, remember that the staff is always willing to hear you out and help you. Don’t be afraid to speak up if something is making you uncomfortable.

Common Terminology

  • Role Play/RP: The term used to describe someone playing as a character.
  • HP: Health Points. Commonly used to measure a character’s life force in most RPG games. Characters are typically knocked unconsciousness when their HP reaches 0.
  • AP: Ability Points. Used as way to judge how often a character can use special skills. Characters are unable to use magic or other abilities if their AP is too low.
  • Buff: A status effect that enhances the character’s ability to fight. Some examples include health regeneration over time, reduced damage from magic, faster casting time, etc.
  • Debuff: A status effect that hinders the character’s ability to fight. Some examples include losing health over time, unable to use abilities, reduced accuracy, etc.
  • Gil: A monetary system used throughout the Final Fantasy series. Gil are typically coin based.
  • In Character/IC: The state where the player is controlling their character’s actions and keep all outside influences out of the RP.
  • Out of Character/OOC: The state where the player is not controlling their character and are making actions directly. In other words, they are the audience that steps onto the stage but are not actually in the story that is taking place.
  • Void: When a post needs to be axed from the RP, people will follow up with the word void. This is done to correct major mistakes during posts.
  • PK/Player Kill: To kill off a character with no way to resurrect them. Player kills are only issued if the player consents to it or is enforced by someone in charge, such as a Game Master.
  • Coordinator: A person that is in charge of enforcing the rules and making sure the sim is free of clutter from unnecessary prims. Coordinators are usually the first people to go to when issues arise and they are also the people that relay information and issues back to the Game Masters.
  • Game Master/GM: Game Masters are the absolute. They are in charge of everything that happens in the sim and they have the ability to add and change rules. Game Masters are also in charge of approving or rejecting applications. Only Game Masters are allowed to distribute items related to the combat system.
  • Storyteller: Players who are in charge of creating sim wide events for people to participate in. While Game Masters can also create events for everyone, the job of making new events generally falls in the hands of the Storyteller.
  • Random Encounter/RE: Monsters and other characters that are made solely to fight against the player base to advance stories or to give players an enemy to fight. Random Encounters can be done by anyone (as long as they are in the group) at any time and they are the only characters that are allowed to be killed without consent.
  • Faction Leader/FL: A player who is in charge of a faction. Their job is to maintain the faction, ensures that new players get invited to the group, maintain their members, determine the ranks of their players, and so on. Faction Leaders also communicate with leaders from other factions on an OOC level to resolve issues between players from both factions and to create events that involve multiple factions.

Special characters, powers and items

Here you will find all the applications needed to play special characters and play with special items or abilities. Please do remember just because you sent in these applications to a GM doesn't mean you are automatically approved. Approval takes time. Do not pester a GM about the status of your application. They are hard at work and they WILL get back to you in time.

Thea special ability application (Your name here)

Special Ability Application:

Abilities are a defining trait of a character that determines their uniqueness. While everyone has standard abilities, some players may wish to obtain abilities that make them stand out. Unique abilities are exclusive to that character and no one else. A special ability can bring a diverse experience to the RP scene, but as with everything else, they must be used with extreme care. Characters with unique abilities will also have weaknesses to balance out the abilities if they grant the character a significant advantage. Likewise, special abilities will not be accounted for in metered combat. By filling out this application, you agree to not abuse the special abilities for your personal gain or to hamper another player’s ability to RP. Abuse of special abilities will be revoked by the Game Master Council. You will also be limited to how many special abilities you can have per character.

Please remember with great power comes great responsibility and as such weakness as well. For instance if you are able to become a fire elemental and light your entire body on fire as a defense, someone throws water and on you and you won't be in that good of a shape. 

Fill out the following with accurate information. Incomplete forms will be discarded immediately and you will be informed to redo your application.

Second Life name (what you use to log in with):

Special abilities you are applying for:

List the weakness of having that ability (It can be as simple as take double damage from the opposite element, or as complex as suffering major headaches from time to time.): 

Give a description of you special abilities and their effects, along with weaknesses (if applicable) they bring to the character:

Write a short summary on how the abilities can bring a positive experience to the role playing scene:

Sign and date the line below to indicate that you have read the form and agree to the rules:


Thea special character application (Your name here)

Special Character Application:
Special characters, characters of a speical race (Aka espers. Star Touched, some odd race that not common at all) these are what these characters are defined by. As such They are regulated by the GM team. These characters are above the norm and thus require approval By filling out this form, you agree to adhere to the standards the Game Master Council has set for special characters.

Are you unsure if you need this app for your character? Unsure of the race of your character weither it is allowed or not? Then check the following Race 
List: 􀀍

Fill out the following with accurate information. Incomplete forms will be discarded immediately and you will be informed to redo your application. 

Second Life name (what you use to log in with):

Character description:

Give a brief summary of the character’s history, personality, etc.:

Powers or abilities of your character:

Write a short summary on what you can bring to the role playing scene as that character:

Sign and date the line below to indicate that you have read the form and agree to the rules:


Thea special item application (Your name here)

Special items are objects that grants a character unique uses or abilities they can use in certain situations, such as a bomb that only explodes from magic for example. Special items can give a character an advantage in some situations that they may find themselves in or it may be ease of everyday life for them. Unique items are to be used with care and responsibility and abuse of the special item will have it revoked by the Game Master Council.

Don't forget that even items have a flaw, Grappling hooks have range issues. Any electronic equipment can be shorted out. Even other tools take time to work effectively. Don't forget that.

By filling out this form, you agree to use your special item with responsibility.

Fill out the following with accurate information. Incomplete forms will be discarded immediately and you will be informed to redo your application.

Second Life name (what you use to log in with):

Name of item:

Give a brief summary of the item’s functions, appearance, and purpose:

List your items weaknesses (I.E. can be shorted out to electricity, etc etc):

Write a short summary on what you can bring to the role playing scene with the item:

Sign and date the line below to indicate that you have read the form and agree to the rules:


Factions and Alignments

Primary Factions:

  • Remschied Empire
  • Allied Nations

GM, Admins, and Faction leaders list

Game Masters:

  • Lauren Gladstone
  • Ferial Exonar
  • Xero Westminster


  • N/A

Faction Leaders:

  • N/A

GM overheads:

  • Remschied Empire: Lauren Gladstone
  • Allied Nations: Xero Westminster
  • Independent Guilds:

Faction leaders:

Remschied Empire: Lauren Gladstone


  • The Legion:
  • Azure Brigade:
  • Imperial Air Force:
  • Church:

Allied Nations: Xero Westminster


  • Civil Defense Force:
  • Magitek Armory:
  • Aeronavy:
  • Internal Affairs & Judex Council: Xero Westminster

Independent Guilds:


  • The Raven's Mark: Devon Islar
  • Yggdrasil Clinic: Ecroier Zsun

Bans and appealing

If you were banned for breaking the rules set by in this note card and wish to appeal your ban in order to return to roleplay here at THEA please fill out the following notecard and send in to a GM.

Thea ban appeal application(Your name here)

Bans are issued by the Game Master Council and the decisions behind them are usually final. Granted, circumstances may pop that can overturn a ban if it’s necessary. However, keep in mind that not all ban appeals will be approved and the few that are approved will be eyed with great care and intensity. If your ban appeal is approved, you are expected to obey the rules and/or adhere to your reformation with dedication. Players who are approved for a ban appeal and are caught causing trouble again will result in a permanent ban from the Thea sim with no second appeal.

Fill out the following with accurate information. Incomplete forms will be discarded immediately and you will be informed to redo your application.

Second Life name (what you use to log in with):

Reason(s) you were banned from the sim:

Give a concrete explanation on why you believe your ban should be removed:

Sign and date the line below to indicate that you have read the form and agree to the rules:


Version History

V 0.1: Sim rules, and all notecards within created: 2/21/2014 by Ecroier Zsun
V 0.2: Minor updates to wording: 5/14/2018 by Xero Westminster
V 0.2.1: Experience section under review, pending CS changes; added section for Discord Server rules (i.e., "Don't be a douchebag"): by Xero Westminster

Extra stuff

This next notecard will be under GM, Coordinators and Faction Leader list when i get the names of said people For now it's down here to show that i have done it.

Thea Staff Application (Your name here)

This applications is for those seeking to help out the community of THEA. Please note that these applications take time. And not every one submitted will be approved. Understand that each role has a different job to play and you will be expected to understand that job and carrying it out. An interview will be conducted one on one with you and another game master should your application be approved.

Available positions:

Game Master



Faction Leader

Please understand some positions may be filled and thus are not seeking new staff members for that position. You will be notified should that happen.

Understand that you will need to have been registered on the forum and thus be expected to log into the forum on a daily basis

Sl name: (The name you log in with)

Position you are applying for:

What can you bring to community as a member of the THEA staff?

Do you have any prior experience as a Game Master, Admin, faction leader?

By signing below and dating you have acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the sim rules.


Any issues found in this notecard and it's following attached notecards. Please IM Ecroier Zsun for corrections.

Discord Server

Discord is a wonderful tool for chatting outside of SL and is provided as a convenience to you, but also as a privelege (particularly, voice channels). Since there is no active moderation of the voice channels for the most part, any instances where abusive behavior becomes prevalent will result in the removal of voice channels. If it spreads to text channels, the ability to access the server at all will be revoked indefinitely. Please abide by the golden rule of respect when utilizing Discord.

Unfinished sections and reasons

Factions and Allignments: I do not know all the factions as of yet and their roles, This notecard will be filled out the moment i'm informed of that.

GM, Coordinators and Faction Leader list: I do not know all the names of such people and therefor this notecard will be filled out when i do get that list -Ecro