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A Final Fantasy-based Experience.

Welcome to the Thea RP Community Wiki, where players can add to and edit in order to build a comprehensive database about Thea! We currently have 53 articles about the world of Thea.

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Saturday, January 22
[v.i.s.] 101

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It has been just over a century since the Great Disaster all but erased life from the continent of Telos. Within the past couple of years, it was discovered that Thea began to yield life unto the once-forbidden continent. Adventurers from across the realm have begun to flock to Telos, and the Allied Nations and Remschied Empire have been in talks about who may claim what. A new era is just on the horizon, bringing with it a question: will this new age be one of prosperity, or will war tarnish mankind's history once more? The world of Thea beckons... what will be your answer?
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BaronFFIV.jpg The Remschied Empire
The Remschied Empire is an empire like no other. Unlike most incarnations of empires, Remschied takes care to look after its own people. Lead by the Church of St. Eva, the empire uses faith and religion to encourage people to instill good deeds in their daily lives and to help each other out in time of need. People that are in dire need of assistance are looked after by the church. Despite the fact that the church runs everything, life within the empire is fulfilling and pleasant.
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Rem Posing.png Rem Yamane
Rem is a descendant of one of the few surviving clans that once inhabited the continent of Telos, having relocated to the Sargasso Bay of Cypheed after the Great Disaster. From an early age, he was trained in the art of the sword, taking pride in formal combat. As he furthered his training in swordsmanship, his sister, Kiyoku, took to reading various types of books and began training as the clan's next lorekeeper.
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